How to earn FREE Bitcoin

Want to earn free bitcoin? It's simple. Use one of the faucets links below and earn bitcoin for viewing ads or rolling dice or doing an ad campaign. It's simple and easy. EARN BITCOIN TODAY.

There are many many bitcoin faucets, they were not all very good. That’s why I've listed here 24 of the best bitcoin faucets out there. You can make easy money with these faucets and some dedication.

LinkAmountRefresh timeShort Description Btc (changes with bitcoin price)1 hourRoll the dice and receive free Bitcoin Every hour or gamble. BTC, 0.005 Doge, 0.000005 LTC, 0.000005 ETH2.5 minutsClaim coins with no hassel. You can also roll a dice Btc24 hoursBitcoin for Advertising Credit Btc5 minBitcoin Faucet Btc12 hoursBitcoin Faucet Btc1440 MinutesBitcoin Faucet Btc1440 MinutesBitcoin Faucet Btc10 minutesBitcoin Faucet to .00010000 Btc10 mintuesBitcoin Faucet Btc10 mintuesBitcoin Faucet Btc10 mintuesBitcoin Faucet Btc10 mintuesBitcoin Faucet Btc10 mintuesBitcoin Faucet Btc5 MinutesBitcoin Faucet to .00005000 Btc72 MinutesBitcoin Faucet Btc720 MinutesBitcoin Faucet to .00001200 Btc1200 MinutesBitcoin Faucet Btc30 MinutesBitcoin Faucet MinutesBitcoin Faucet amountsVariesMultiple faucets in 1 BtcAccount 12 hoursGambling or simple faucet Btc60 MinutesBitcoin Faucet Btc1000 MinutesBitcoin Faucet Btc1000 MinutesBitcoin Faucet


What are Bitcoin Faucets?

The original Bitcoin faucet was operated by Gavin Anderson, Bitcoin Foundation’s chief scientist. It started out around late 2010 and it gave visitors 5 Bitcoins for free. This is how the website looked back then:

A Bitcoin faucet is a type of site that gives free Bitcoins, usually in exchange for completing a simple task like solving a captcha or viewing ads.

The amount of money you can make varies from faucet to faucet: most only give away a few satoshis at a time, but with the right site and dedication you could easily make a few hundred dollars reasonably easy.

Are there reliable Bitcoin faucets out there today?

I went and checked out 24 best Bitcoin faucets. They are above.